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Mathematics Faculty


Louis Block

  • Dynamical systems and connections between dynamics and topology.
  • One-dimensional dynamics and chaos theory.

Philip Boyland

Dynamical Systems, Classical and Fluid Mechanics


Peter Bubenik

My research is on applied topology and more specifically, topological data analysis, which studies the shape of data. More precisely, it consists of

  • combining ideas from topology, statistics and machine learning to develop new tools for summarizing and visualizing large, complex, high-dimensional data;
  • developing a general framework which quantifies topological changes using ideas from algebraic topology, algebra and category theory; and
  • working with collaborators to use these ideas to analyze data.

Luca Di Cerbo

Differential and Algebraic Geometry, Geometric Topology


Alexander Dranishnikov

Geometry and Topology:  Coarse geometry, Geometric Group Theory, Coxeter groups, Cohomological dimension, Topology of manifolds, LS-category, Topological robotics.


David Groisser

Differential geometry, Global analysis, Gauge theory, Applications of differential geometry to image-analysis


Jed Keesling

Topology, dynamical systems, biomathematical modeling, queuing theory, stochastic processes, computational methods, and applied mathematics. Biological Systems of Interest

  • Citrus Greening
  • Viral Dynamics

Kevin Knudson

Computational topology, discrete Morse theory, homology of linear groups, undergraduate education


Yuli Rudyak

Algebraic Topology, Differential Topology, Symplectic Topology

Ashleigh Thomas

Postdoctoral Associate

Topological Data Analysis